Top 10 Music Festivals in Brazil

Top 10 Music Festivals in Brazil 1

If there’s one thing that Brazilians are known for its their ability to throw a vibrant and exciting party. Rio Carnival is renowned all across the world and features at the top of the bucket lists of many aspiring world travelers. Perhaps it’s because of carnival that Brazilians have gained a reputation for being fun loving party animals, perhaps it’s the exotic Latin cultures that blend together into the cultural melting pot that is Brazil, or perhaps Brazilians really do just have a passion for organizing a real good fiesta.

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Brazil is a country where the people that reside within it are every bit as beautiful as the landscapes and scenery of the country itself. The climate is incredible, and the scenery ranges from miles of paradisiacal white sandy beaches, to dense tropical rainforests and stunning hiking trails through nature and arid plains. With so much perfection all around, it makes complete sense that the Brazilians feel the need to celebrate so often.

Music culture in Brazil is varied, as is the case in many countries across the globe. Festivals vary in both their size and music type – ranging from intimate affairs with a select group of people beneath the palms on the beach, to all out extravagant raves where hundreds of party goers dance to the best of bass thumping music. With so many festival options, it’s hard to shortlist the best ones, however we have kindly comprised a list for you. Hereon are the top 10 music festivals in Brazil.

1. Ultra Brasil

If you are a fan of electronic music then Ultra Brasil is where you need to be. An attractive crowd parties the night away beneath a flurry of lasers, LED lights, fireworks and other special effects. Ultra Brasil is the Brazilian edition of a global electronic festival (in case you are not familiar with the series). The imposing main stage here has been graced by some of the best DJs in the world and the event is packed with thousands every year.

When: Dates to be announced for 2018
Where: Rio and Sambódromo

2. Rock in Rio

Anyone who’s anyone has heard of Rock in Rio and the festival should be on the to-do list of anyone who considers themselves as a music lover. Rock in Rio has been going strong since its first event all the way back in 1985 and some of the world’s most famous musicians across the Pop and Rock industries have performed at the festival.

When: Dates to be announced for 2018
Where: Rio

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3. XXXPerience Festival

Don’t let the name mislead you. The experience festival is well… An experience! The event, which has bren running since 1996 focuses on electronic music and is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in all of Brazil. One major draw of attending the XXXPerience Festival is the eccentric staging that is used at the events. DJs and musicians perform with a backdrop of pyrotechnics, obscure sculptures, fire shows and lasers. You have to see it to believe it. The atmosphere is non pretentious and welcoming, giving festival goers the freedom to be free and express themselves.

When: Dates to be announced for 2018
Where: Parque Maeda and Sao Paulo

4. Tribal Tech

Not all festivals are created equal and in a sea of options, Tribal Tech is one that shines out above the masses. What makes Tribal Tech so unique is the fact that they apply a theme to the festivities every year, and use the performances, staging, lighting and decor to support this. Previous years themes have been about complex concepts like rebirth and evolution, stemming thought processes in the minds of visitors and so we wait in anticipation to see what the next theme will be. Tribal Tech is an exciting mix of the hottest underground, techno, and house performers.

When: Dates to be announced for 2018
Where: Curitiba

5. Festival Bananada

It’s not always the mainstream artists that deliver the best music and the hottest beats and festival bananada knows this. The festival has been running for almost twenty years now and the main stage gives a forum for rising Brazilian and international artists to debut their work. Art aficionados will love this festival too – Festival bananada combines music with art in a manner that creates an almost ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere. Lasting for an entire week, this is a wonderful place to enjoy music, camp with friends and just hang out.

When: 7-13 May 2018
Where: Goiâna

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6. Lollapalooza

The most recognizable music festival brand in the world? Lollapalooza of course! The Brazilian event is a fun day out for everyone and combines great food with great music. Envisage eating BBQ on a picnic blanket with good friends while enjoying a funky beat and you’ve got Lollapalooza.

When: 23-25 March 2018
Where: Sao Paulo

7. DGTL São Paulo

DGTL São Paolo is the new kid on the Brazilian music block. The festival tries to do more than simply deliver an enjoyable music experience, it delivers important messages about the environment and improving the society in which we live, all while playing the newest electro beats.

When: Dates to be announced for 2018
Where: São Paulo

8. Virada Cultural

Culture vultures can rejoice because Virada Cultural is the Brazilian music experience that can satisfy their every interest. Inspired by arts festivals such as the prestigious and much loved Nuit Blanche, Virada Cultural lasts for an entire day and combines music, theater, art and light installations.

When: Dates to be announced for 2018
Where: São Paulo

9. Universo Paralello

If you envisage paradise and unwinding on a beautiful tropical beach then you are likely envisaging the setting for Universo Paralello – a festival that is held annually on the dreamy Pratigi beach in Itinerary. Think dance, trance and techno for the festival’s exciting playlist.

When: December – January
Where: Itubera

10. Rio Music Carnival

If you haven’t heard of Rio Carnival then you must have been living under a rock. Of course this had to feature on the list of best Brazilian music festivals! Rio Carnival hosts the world’s biggest electronic music DJs and attending this event will create memories that last a lifetime.

When: February
Where: Rio de Janeiro

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