You may apply for an e-Visa if you fit the following conditions:
  1. You are traveling to Brazil as a visitor
  2. Your intended stay in Brazil does not exceed 90 days
  3. You hold an American, Australian, Canadian or Japanese passport

Please note! All visitors are required to present a print copy of their e-Visa before boarding their flight to Brazil and upon arriving on Brazilian territory.

Requirements 1



Applicants may apply for Brazil’s E-visa for the following reasons:

A business visa is for a person(s) working in a business capacity, that includes negotiations, meetings, conferences, consultations etc. Actively working in Brazil is banned and your visit may not exceed 90 days.
A tourist visa allows a person(s) to travel as a visitor to a foreign country. Trips may be leisure or enlightening without restriction. Visiting family also falls under this category.

Transit visa allows a person(s) to layover in Brazil on their way to their final destination. Visas aren’t required for a person passing through Brazil, assuming they abide by the following conditions:

A) He / She doesn’t attempt to pass through Brazilian immigration control.

B) He / She has a single air ticket, including tickets from two plus airlines with a cooperation agreement.

Journalism visa is for a person(s) who is working as a journalist and whose trip doesn’t exceed 90 days.
Sports Activities:+
This visa allows foreigners to carry out sports activities, without an intention to establish residence. Sports activities and competitions with or without awards and cash prizes, are allowed.
Artistic Activities:+
This visa allows foreigners a short stay assuming there is no intention of establishing residence for any reason. Participating in artistic competitions, receiving prizes, including cash are allowable.
Seminars or Conferences:+
This visa allows foreigners to participate in conferences or meetings as specific events. These visitors may not receive remuneration during their time in Brazil. A person may obtain reimbursement for the expenses of lodging, transportation and food.
Cultural Program:+
This visa is for foreigners who intend to participate in cultural activities.
Scientific Program:+
This visa is for foreigners who intend to undertake scientific research, assuming the trip is less than 90 days.
Research Activities:+
This type of visa is for foreigners who intend to participate in academic activities, provided their time in Brazil is less than 90 days.
This type of visa is for foreigners who aspire to teach and participate in learning activities. They also may participate in supervised internships, provided the visit is less than 90 days.
This visa is for a people who are employed by an airline or other transportation company, except in cases when the visitor presents an international seafarer card issued under the terms of the Convention of the International Organization of Labour – ILO.
Voluntary activities:+
This visa is for foreigner volunteers, assuming their visit does not exceed 90 days.
Fiancé(e)/spouse of Brazilian citizens:+
This visa is for foreigners married to a Brazilian citizen coming to see their spouse or family.
Short Term Medical Treatment:+
This visa is for foreigners undertaking medical treatment, assuming the trip is less than 90 days. The visitors also must have sufficient means to pay for the treatment and incurring costs during their time in Brazil. He / She must be able to pay from their own resources, through health insurance valid in the national territory or a certificate of provision of health service provided in an international agreement.


To complete the application, all travelers must upload the following:

  • Passport data (bio) page, an example can be seen here.
  • Photo – International standard, examples can be seen here.

Requirements 1
All applicants must have a machine-readable passport that is valid for a minimum of one month from application date.
We recommended all passports are valid for the entirety of the stay and one month beyond in case of unforeseen circumstances. (The e-Visa service is not available to children endorsed on their parents’ passport).

Additional documents

If the applicant is under 18 years of age, then additional supporting documents must be given:

  • Authorization Letter signed by both parents/ Legal Guardian. You can download the Authorization Letter here.
  • Passport page of Parent 1/ Legal Guardian 1
  • Passport page of Parent 2/ Legal Guardian 2
  • Birth Certificate
  • If only one parent/legal guardian is selected, then the applicant must submit any valid document giving reasoning why both parents’ approval is not given – e.g. death certificate, sole custody document etc.
Selection Required documents
Both Parents Parents’ passport biodata pages
Birth Certificate
Authorization letter signed by both parents
Single Parent or Legal Guardian Parent 1 / Legal Guardian 1 passport biodata page
Birth Certificate
Any valid document giving reasoning why both parents approval is not given


apply for brazil visa

A passport-size photo must follow ICAO Standards:

  • Minimum photo dimensions: 413 x 531 pixels
  • File format – jpeg or jpg
  • The photograph must be taken from the front, against a white background.
  • The applicant’s face and shoulders must be centred and he/she must be looking into the camera.
  • No reflections, shadows or glares.
  • The applicant must have a neutral face and eyes must be open and visible
  • If you wear glasses, the lenses may not reflect the ambient light into the camera. Dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses or thick frames are not acceptable.
  • Headgear or hats are not acceptable, except for religious reasons. Regardless of the reason they cannot prevent a perfect view of the face of the applicant.
  • Children cannot appear with any items or be held by their parents.

Examples of photographs can be seen here.