1. What is better about the online application system?+
By using the online system you skip the consulate visit. Documents, information and payment for visa may be done from home. If your application is approved, your visa will be forwarded via email. The information you submit will be reviewed by a trained expert in our agency to guarantee the highest chance of approval.
2. Who needs a visa to travel to Brazil?+
Everyone, regardless of age must have a visa to visit Brazil.
3. Are the visa costs equal for all ages?+
Yes, it is the same regardless of age.
4. I have dual nationality. What does that mean?+
You must choose a nationality to apply. Choose the nationality that is e-Visa acceptable.
5. How does Brazil e-Visa work?+
The Brazil e-Visa process is very straightforward. To apply online, you need a valid machine-readable passport. Begin the application process by:
  • Clicking on Brazil e-Visa Application Page
  • Fill out the Visa Application Form
  • Upload Photo and Passport Bio Page
  • Answer questions during the subsequent visa application process
  • Make online payment.
Once it is complete, you will receive a response within 8 working days.
6. How long does it take to receive an approval?+
If all required documents are correctly submitted, visas are sent within 8 working days. The Brazil e-Visa process is very straightforward however your request could be denied if the information you provide is not accurate. The information you submit will be reviewed by a trained expert in our agency to guarantee the highest chance of approval. We will contact you immediately in case we spot anything that seems incorrect, missing or otherwise wrong prior to processing your application. If you haven’t heard back in that time period, contact us.
7. What documents are needed to apply for e-Visa?+
Every traveler needs to upload scanned colored copies of:
  • Passport bio page: example can be viewed here.
  • An ICAO Standard photograph: Photo examples can be viewed here.
  • Additional documents required for minor applicants
    Minors are required to send additional documents. The applicant must select either both or a single parent/ legal guardian. If both parents are chosen, then the passport bio pages of each parent, along with a Birth Certificate and an Authorization Letter with signatures of both parents, must be uploaded. If a single parent or legal guardian is chosen, further documentation is needed, demonstrating why only a single parent is authorizing.
    • Authorization Letter - signed by both parents/legal guardians. You can download the Authorization Letter here.
    • Passport page of Parent 1 or Legal Guardian 1
    • Passport page of Parent 2 or Legal Guardian 2
    • Birth Certificate
    • If only one parent/legal guardian is selected, then the applicant must submit any valid document giving reasoning why both parents' approval is not given - e.g. death certificate, sole custody document etc.
8. How do I get my e-Visa?+
Visas are sent via email.
9. What if I misplace my e-Visa?+
If lost reprint it.
10. I provided the wrong email address? +
If you provide an incorrect email address, you must apply again.
11. I’m not getting any emails regarding the e-Visa, what shall I do?+
Contact our staff here.
12. I have to send additional documents, but I’m struggling and time is running out. What do I do?+
If you are running into issues, you can contact our staff here.
13. I need to send additional documents but I can’t within the given timeframe. What do I proceed?+
If you can’t send proper documentation within the timeframe, your e-Visa is void and you will have to start again. Visa fees are non-refundable.
14. What passports are eligible to apply for e-Visa?+
Only regular passport holders are eligible for an e-Visa. Any other passport types are not eligible.
15. What browser should I use?+
Applicants must use Opera 29 Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 38, Google Chrome 43, or Safari 9.
16. Am I guaranteed to get a visa? If so, will Brazil let me in for sure?+
Entry visas are granted solely by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). Brazil e-Visa cannot guarantee a visa or entry.
17. My e-Visa was denied. Is there a refund?+
No, visa fees are non-refundable.
18. If rejected, may I reapply?+
Yes, you may re-apply using the online application form or at a Consulate.
19. I must provide additional documents, are the applications of my family members be on hold until I send the documents?+
No, only your application will be on hold until additional documents are received. Family applications will be processed.
20. Why was my visa application rejected?+
Brazil Immigration offices do not explain rejected visa applications.
21. Can I follow my visa application process?+
We will send you an email keeping you informed of all developments.
22. Where do I send my passport?+
All E-visas are sent by email, therefore, you don’t have to send your passport anywhere. Keep a copy of your e-Visa and have in your possession in Brazil.
23. My passport expires soon, will that affect me?+
You must have a valid passport for a minimum of one month from when you apply. If you don’t valid you must renew your passport before applying.
24. My passport has one name, is that a problem?+
Applicants must have a minimum of two names.
25. What is the length of validity for a visitor’s visa?+
The validity is dependеnt on your nationality. Usually, 2 years from issue date or until the passport expiration date, whichever comes first.
26. My visa is incorrect. What now?+
You must re-apply as issued visas are final.
27. Will the visa be Multiple Entry or Single Entry?+
Typically visitors visas are for multiple entry however, it is up to MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to decide what type of visa will be granted. Visitors visas issued through us are multiple entry visas.
28. How can I pay without a Credit / Debit card?+
Anyone’s Credit / Debit card is accepted.
29. I have paid but not received anything from your end?+
Potential reasons for not receiving confirmation:
  • The payment failed
  • The internet connection was disrupted
  • Your card isn’t 3D valid