Amazon Forest for Beginners: Our Top 10 Advice for a Spotless and Safe Adventure

Amazon Forest for Beginners: Our Top 10 Advice for a Spotless and Safe Adventure 1

Amazon rainforest will spur a sense of excitement and adventure in all of you. If you have been looking for a place where you could spend some good time in the laps of nature, then Amazon rainforest is the right place to be in. It is one of the largest rainforests in the world which harbours exquisite flora and fauna. Occupying most of the Amazon basin, this forest mostly vests in Brazil and extends into Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. This forest also occupies some part of South American countries. The forest is one of the most sought after destinations for adventurous explorers. Did you know Amazon rainforest is completely dark, the canopy of trees is so dark that only 1% of the sunlight can penetrate through it? If you too are willing to make your way to the Amazon rainforest for the first time, these ten tips will help you make your trip a fun-filled experience.

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10 travel tips for the first-timers –

  1. Health and safety- Even if you have the nerve of steel and the strongest immune system, its imperative that you should keep everything that will keep your health in the excellent state while you make your way through the Amazon forest. You must know that Amazon water is the breeding ground for a variety of parasites and mosquitoes, and they can easily make even the strongest person fall prey to nausea, typhoid, fever, and diarrhoea.  Hence, it is always advisable that you must take all the precautionary medicines and first aid kit with you. If you are traveling to Amazon, one of the biggest threats that the travellers face is malaria and yellow fever. Make sure that you are up to date when it comes to medicines and vaccinations, all of which are advisable to the ones who are traveling to Amazon. You can consult the Centre for Disease Control for more information.
  • What should be in your luggage- Most of the time, you will be on a walking spree when you are in the Amazon. Hence, you need to keep your backpack light, but it must have all the necessary stuff that you might need. Here are certain things that you must keep into your baggage:
  1. Add light coloured clothes.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes; preferably you should wear waterproof shoes.
  3. Take anti-inflammatory pills with you to combat headaches and mosquito bites.
  4. Have sufficient water with you.
  5. A lantern or a flashlight is a must because these forests are mostly dark.
  6. Keep a razor or knife handy with you.
  7. Wearing full-sleeve clothes is advisable, as it helps in keeping you safe from mosquito bites and other infections.
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  • Eat right and consume enough water- Dehydration is the most common problem faced by the people in Amazon. You need to consume only bottled water and fresh food to avoid any health issues. Try not to have tap water or ice made from tap water.
  • Always use insect repellent and full sleeve clothes– One of the most important points that you must not forget while you are traveling to Amazon is that you must use insect repellent and always sleep in the mosquito net to avoid any kind of insect bite.
  • Travel at the right time– Whenever you are traveling to Amazon or any other place, you must know about the right time to travel. Heavy rain of up to 9 feet per year is very common in Amazon; high heat intensity is also very common. October to May months are characterised by heavy rains, and from March to April, the roads are filled with water. So, if it is about safe traveling, then you must plan your trip between June and September.
  • Never wear wet socks– If you don’t want to fall prey to skin infections and fungal infections, it is important that you must avoid wearing wet socks. Humid conditions along with wet socks may aggravate the growth of bacteria on your skin, and thus cause the tissue breakdown and fungal infection which can be dangerous.
  • Never move straight– Well, if it is your first trip to the Amazon forest, it is imperative that while walking through the forest, you must not move in a straight line, rather weave your way through for easy movement.
  • Camp it right- Yes, if you are visiting Amazon for the first time and are willing spend the night under the stars, then you must know that the land is a place for venomous snakes, inclement weather and poisonous spiders. To avoid anything wrong, its important that you must build the shelter on high ground. Make sure that you have the fire arrangements done right as well, as this keeps you warm and safe from the wild animals.
  • Have a professional guide assist you- You may be planning to explore your adventurous side, but when it comes to traveling to Amazon, then you need to take along with you a professional guide. The guides are well-versed with every nook and cranny of this basin. Also, they have complete knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of this place. They will help you cope up with the adverse situation in case it arises.
  • Eat right- If you are willing to enjoy the nomad life in the wilderness of the Amazon, its important that you must eat the right food. It is always advisable that you must eat fresh fruits. Even if you catch fish, then you must consume the whole fish at a time. The humid and heat conditions can make the food go stale, and consuming such food can lead to food poisoning, poor bowel movement and other such problems.


Travelling to Amazon is a lifetime experience, and one must explore the wilderness which it has in store, but all this must be done with proper care and concern. You must be well-versed with the climatic conditions of the place. Traveling at the wrong time may put you under the brunt of health issues and safety hazards. The tips mentioned above will guide you and help you enjoy your trip to Amazon without worrying much about going wrong.

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