Visa Brazil - 3 Steps Required

Brazil E Visa

  1. 3 simple steps to apply
  2. Valid for a 90-day stay
  3. Required to board your flight

Brazil eVisa Requirements

Who Needs a Brazil Visa?

All U.S citizens who want to visit Brazil can now apply online for a Brazil e Visa. You only need to have a valid passport.

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A passport is a document issued to you by your home country that verifies your citizenship. If you travel outside the country, you must show your passport to re-enter the country.

A passport is usually in the form of a booklet with your photo, name, birth date, gender, and physical description. Additionally, the passport holds multiple blank pages.

These blank pages hold your visas. A visa is essentially a permission granting you, the passport holder, entrance into the country issuing the visa. In the passport, a visa takes the form of a stamp on a page that is signed and dated.

To enter Brazil, you must have a passport and a Brazil visa. We are now accepting brazil visa application online

There are different kinds of visas. The most common are business, student, work transit and Brazil tourist visa. Brazil also has visas for research, rotary exchanges, technical assistance, technology transfer, crews, journalism, OAS official travel, missionaries, marriage, citizenship and naturalization, residency, and study.

Traditionally, Brazil visa applications form could not be issued online. Travelers had to mail their passports, applications, photos, and other forms to the Brazilian Consulate in order to obtain the Brazilian visa stamp.

Now citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan have the opportunity to obtain Brazil visa online in the form of e-visas.

Since February 1st U.S citizens can also obtain their Brazil visa online known as an evisa by applying online from the convenience of their home or workplace. If you are willing to work in Brazil, now it is much easier than before you only need to apply for brazil business visa. Our professional team helps you to get your brazil evisa.

Brazil has launched the long-awaited brazil visa for us citizens, Australian, Canadian and Japanese citizens, making the Visa to Brazil application process very simple and straightforward. You can now obtain your Brazil e Visa online in 3 simple steps from the comfort of your own home.

Brazil Visa for US Citizens is now easy to get via e-mail, waiting in a long line at your nearest Brazilian consulate is a thing of the past. In order to apply for a Brazilian visa, you need to fill a secure online Brazil Visa Application, provide information about your trip, upload a photo and passport bio page, and submit payment with your credit card. Within 8 business days, you will receive the approved e-visa via email and you must print it to show the airline when boarding your flight to Brazil. One of the most common questions come to mind that how to get a Brazilian visa. Check out the brazil visa requirements for the Brazil Tourist Visa here.

The e-Visa is good for a 90-day stay per year and valid for 2 years (or until the passport expiry date, whichever comes first). Contact us for Brazil Embassy and Consulate Information.

Fill out the Brazil Visa Application Form now. Read more about Brazil Visa Requirements For US Citizens.


You may apply for an e-Visa if you fit the following conditions:

1. You are traveling to Brazil as a visitor

2. Your intended stay in Brazil does not exceed 90 days

3. You hold any of the following passports: American, Australian, Canadian or Japanese


  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Transit
  • Journalism
  • Sport activities
  • Artistic Activities
  • Seminars or conferences
  • Cultural Program
  • Scientific Program
  • Research Activities
  • Studies
  • Crewmember
  • Voluntary activities
  • Fiancé(e) or spouse of a Brazilian citizen
  • Short Term Medical Treatment

How to get a visa for brazil

Important Notes

Travel to Brazil – Applicants can apply for Brazil e visa if they travel for the following purposes:

FAQ - Brazil eVisa

1. What is better about the online application system?+
By using the online system you skip the consulate visit. Documents, information and payment for visa may be done from the comfort of your own home. The information you submit will be reviewed by a trained expert in our agency to guarantee the highest chance of approval. Your e-visa will be forwarded via email as soon as it is issued.
2. Who needs a visa to travel to Brazil?+
Everyone, regardless of age, must obtain a visa to visit Brazil.
3. How does Brazil e-Visa work?+
The Brazil e-Visa process is very straightforward. To apply online, you need a valid passport and a credit or debit card. Begin the application process by:
  • Clicking on Brazil Visa Application Online Page
  • Fill out the Visa Application Form
  • Upload Photo and Passport Bio Page
  • Answer a few additional questions
  • Make online payment.
Once it is complete, you will receive a response within 8 working days.
4. How long does it take to receive an approval?+
If all required documents are correctly submitted, visas are sent within 8 working days. The Brazil e-Visa process is very simple however your request may be denied if the information you provide is not accurate. The application you submit will be reviewed by a trained expert in our agency to guarantee the highest chance of approval. We will contact you immediately in case we spot anything that seems incorrect, missing or otherwise wrong prior to processing your application. If you haven’t heard back from us in 8 business days , contact us.
5. What documents are needed to apply for e-Visa?+
Every traveler needs to upload scanned colored copies of:
  • Passport bio page: example can be viewed here.
  • An ICAO Standard photograph: Photo examples can be viewed here.
  • Additional documents required for minor applicants
    Minors are required to send additional documents. The applicant must select either both or a single parent/ legal guardian. If both parents are chosen, then the passport bio pages of each parent, along with Birth Certificate and an Authorization Letter with signatures of both parents, must be uploaded. If a single parent or legal guardian is chosen, further documentation is needed, demonstrating why only a single parent is authorizing.
    • Authorization Letter - signed by both parents/legal guardians. You can download the Authorization Letter here.
    • Passport page of Parent 1 or Legal Guardian 1
    • Passport page of Parent 2 or Legal Guardian 2
    • Birth Certificate
    • If only one parent/legal guardian is selected, then the applicant must submit any valid document giving reasoning why both parents' approval is not given - e.g. death certificate, sole custody document etc.

Beautiful Brazil

It’s no wonder Brazil receives millions of guests every year. The largest country in South America, it offers visitors a full spectrum of sights and experiences, from outdoor excursions to cultural events to scientific explorations and much more.

Brazil’s world-class cities include Rio de Janeiro with its fabulous Ipanema beach and the Copacabana, and Sao Paulo, the country’s center of trade and industry. Recife on the coast is called the Venice of Brazil, while Buzios is recognized as an international resort with over 20 beaches.

Looking for outdoor thrills? Try whale watching along the Santa Catarina coastline. Hang-glide from Pedra Bonita in the Tijuca National Park. Scale the Agulha do Diabo, known for offering one of the 15 best rock climbs in the world. Take a trip deep into the Amazon and canoe your way out.

Culture and history are rich and abundant in this giant country. The city of Paraty was founded in 1667 and contains a wealth of colonial architecture and historic artifacts. Coastal Paranagua is a place to visit ancient schools, churches, and mansions. The Imperial Palace of Petropolis is a must-see. Belem is one of the oldest cities of Brazil with a full repertoire of sights to appreciate.

No matter the age and interest, Brazil has much to offer every visitor. You might be interested to read FAQs before applying for a visa to Brazil.